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"How much do you know about the swan neck tube in hardware?"
Time:2023-07-16   Visits:1117
When it comes to gooseneck tubes, many people will think of the curved metal tubes. This metal part is widely seen in daily life because of its shape resembling a goose's neck, hence the name gooseneck tube. In fact, gooseneck tubes have important functions in many areas of life. They can be installed on drilling fluid channels and brackets for drill pipes. They are also essential for household devices such as faucets and water purifiers. Gooseneck tubes are a type of metallic hose, which require a smooth and even end face with no burrs after cutting and grinding. They need to be thoroughly cleaned and dried with compressed air before use. Although gooseneck tubes are small metal pieces in daily life, their installation and use are strictly regulated. Leakage problems may arise at both the metal tube joints and the hose heads, so it is important to prevent leaks at the gooseneck tube joints.