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"Two reasons for the decreased lifespan of the goose neck tube, be aware! "
Time:2023-07-16   Visits:1121
As a widely used connection device, if the gooseneck tube is operated improperly or misused, it will also affect its service life and sometimes even directly cause breakage. When we use anything, improper use will reduce its service life. So, what factors will affect its service life when we use or operate the gooseneck tube? Generally, the main factors affecting the service life of the gooseneck tube are pressure matching and diameter matching. According to relevant information, if the actual pressure used exceeds 1.25 times the specified pressure, its service life will be reduced by 50%. When we use and choose the gooseneck tube, we should select the appropriate pressure level product according to the actual working pressure of the gooseneck tube, and if a 4mm hose is replaced with a preset 5mm hose, the service life will be reduced to one-third. The above are the two important reasons why the service life of the gooseneck tube is reduced. Everyone must pay attention to it. Of course, there are many factors that can affect the service life. Therefore, we must pay attention to observation and maintenance when using the gooseneck tube in the future, and solve problems in time once they are found.