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What is the reason for leakage in the goose neck tube?
Time:2023-07-16   Visits:1133
Have you ever experienced leakage when using a gooseneck tube? Regardless of the product, wear and tear are inevitable during long-term use. What are the reasons for leakage in gooseneck tubes? Here, Xiongsen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will briefly introduce: The main reasons are as follows: 1. The rubber material inside the gooseneck tube is commonly worn and corroded, causing a decrease in pressure resistance. The material contacts directly with the stainless steel wire mesh. Due to the existence of chloride ions in the material, the stainless steel wire mesh is corroded, and the material ruptures under high pressure, leading to leakage. 2. Due to frequent disassembly at both ends of the gooseneck tube, it is easy to cause damage or jamming. Under high pressure, the interface with the hose is directly disconnected, causing leakage. 3. The stainless steel wire at both ends of the gooseneck tube is easy to corrode and change in material due to chloride ions in the material, causing a reduction in strength and the production of sand particles, leading to leakage. 4. The steel wire wrapped around the outside of the gooseneck tube is prone to produce burrs due to bending. The operator is easily stabbed by the gun, and the fracture of the surface metal braided layer can lead to the fracture of the entire hose. If the gooseneck tube leaks at both ends and the welding part during actual use, it is difficult to repair it because its wall is thin and requires high-level technology for re-welding. The repair cost of the repair shop is high, so it is recommended to replace the gooseneck tube in time.