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    Integrated R&D, design, production, and sales services.


    Over the years, we have accumulated rich experience in production management and developed a comprehensive production management and quality control system.
    Our company has a large number of engineering and technical personnel, as well as QC inspectors.
    We have advanced production processes and a well-established quality inspection system.

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    Silicone hose

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    Desk lamp arm hose

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    Camera hose

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    Electric tool series

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    Xiongsen Integrated E-commerce Product Supply Chain

    From product technology research and development to commissioning production, from product concept molding to intellectual property application, Xiongsen gives you market protection, there is always a product for you

    Why do customers choose Xiongsen?


    With 15 years of industry experience, serving Fortune 500 companies, a monthly output of 8 million units, and 100 sets of production equipment.

    Integrated service

    A 7,700-square-meter independent production park equipped with fully automated electroplating and electrophoresis production lines for processing.

    Customized service" or "tailored service

    Xiongsen R&D team, customized production equipment, bespoke manufacturing. 100 production devices, monthly output of 8 million units.

    Advanced technology service

    With a focus of 20 years, we possess strong core research and development capabilities, specializing in customized complete production equipment.

    OEM custom research and development

    Xiongsen Hardware Hose specializes in OEM research, development, and production. With a mature technical team.

    Quality guarantees

    Can bend and deform freely, no abnormal noise, long lifespan, meticulously designed, aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, can withstand over 10,000 cycles of usage.


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