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"Decrypt the 3 key points of the goose neck tube for you."
Time:2023-07-16   Visits:1121
Goose neck pipes are widely used in practical applications, such as compensating elements, sealing elements, connecting elements, and shock-absorbing elements in various gas and liquid pipeline systems, as well as length, temperature, position, and viewpoint compensation systems. In the following times, Xiong Sen Electronics will take you into the world of goose neck pipes. 1. Product Structure Goose neck pipes are important connecting components in engineering technology, consisting of corrugated flexible pipes, mesh sleeves, and joints. 2. Product Use As sensitive elements, shock-absorbing elements, compensating elements, sealing elements, valve elements, and pipeline connecting elements, goose neck pipes are widely used in various fields such as aerospace, petrochemical, electronic mining, mechanical shipbuilding, medical health, light textile electronics, and power construction. 3. Supporting Products Goose neck pipe blanks are better matching products for metal hoses, corrugated tubes, corrugated tube compensators, corrugated tube blanks, automobile exhaust pipes, high-pressure rubber hoses, cable threading pipes and other tubes. Goose neck pipes use metal corrugated tube blanks, which are divided into soft and hard types, bright and soft, reliable quality, and complete specifications. The supporting products of goose neck pipes are corrosion-resistant, with a bright and elegant appearance, which can increase the pressure resistance, high and low temperature resistance, extend the service life of the formed soft hose products, reduce costs, and are commonly used in machinery, chemical industry, metallurgy, construction and other industries. The above is the relevant knowledge of goose neck pipes. If you still have other questions about goose neck pipes, you can ask us anytime, and Xiong Sen Electronics will be happy to answer them.