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"How to choose metal formed hose joints."
Time:2023-07-16   Visits:1125
Do you know how to choose a metal-formed hose joint? For this type of metal hose, the joint is very important. Next, we will teach you how to choose the joint for a metal-formed hose. Different types of metal-formed hose joints have different uses, and the specifications are mainly determined by the inner diameter size. In addition, we should also distinguish between imperial thread and metric thread, and the specifications are different. For the model of the metal-formed hose joint, the main difference lies in the meaning of some threads, which have different meanings, such as NPT, Pt, G, etc. Consumers should understand the meaning of these joints when purchasing, and then choose according to their own needs. Different models correspond to different joints. In fact, for the model of the metal-formed hose joint, it corresponds to the metal-formed hose. Therefore, when choosing, attention should be paid to some aspects, such as the selection of the joint form. Generally speaking, it mainly includes flange connection, thread connection, and quick connection. We should choose according to our own actual needs, followed by pressure. We should choose the joint based on the actual working pressure to ensure smooth operation, as well as the pressure and temperature that the metal-formed hose joint can withstand, the corrosiveness of the medium, etc. The above is some experience on how to choose the metal-formed hose joint. Xiongsen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in the production of various metal-formed hoses for many years, with rich technology and management experience, a large amount of stock supply, and welcome friends in need to come and inquire.