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"Is there any way to deal with a corroded gooseneck pipe?"
Time:2023-07-16   Visits:1124

What should be done if the gooseneck tube is corroded? In order to achieve the ideal service life of the gooseneck tube, Xiongsen tells you through years of production experience that you need to solve the corrosion of the product according to the design, use, and maintenance of the gooseneck tube.

For example, if the tightness or height of the gooseneck tube on both sides is different, and the roller bracket and other components are not accurately installed on the cross section perpendicular to the direction of the hose operation, it will cause corrosion of the gooseneck tube. When running, the tightness on both sides is different; if the gooseneck tube corrodes from left to right and there is no fixed direction, it means that the tensioning mechanism needs to be adjusted; if it corrodes at the roller, it means that the installation of the roller is not good enough, which will lead to an increase in tension, and the adhesion should be cleaned up in time.

If the edge of the gooseneck tube is severely worn or the joint is not parallel, the tension on both sides of the gooseneck tube will be inconsistent. After using the gooseneck tube for a period of time, we need to clean and maintain it. The surface of the high temperature fabric can be directly washed with water. In addition, there should be no metal items scratching the surface during the use of the gooseneck tube.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the gooseneck tube will extend its service life and effectively prevent corrosion and other problems. Do you know what to do now? Xiongsen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of gooseneck tubes with guaranteed quality and rich experience. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.