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Do you know how to preserve a serpentine tube?
Time:2023-07-16   Visits:1120
The snake-shaped tube, as the name suggests, is a long tube bent into a snake-like shape, which is convenient for storage and transportation. However, even so, attention should be paid to the methods of transportation and storage to effectively prevent damage to the snake-shaped tube. For example, when storing stainless steel snake-shaped tubes, attention should be paid to factors such as moisture, dust, oil, and lubrication to prevent rusting on the surface. Secondly, attention should be paid to film adhesion. If water infiltrates between the film and the steel base, its corrosion rate will be faster than when there is no film. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the warehouse clean, dry, and well-ventilated, and regularly check the film on the snake-shaped tube to avoid direct sunlight. Moreover, the film lifespan is only a few months, so it needs to be replaced regularly. Thirdly, in the transportation process, strict and standardized operations should be carried out, wearing gloves to avoid fingerprints and surface stains, and using special materials such as rubber to protect the stainless steel snake-shaped tube from being scratched, ensuring its integrity. Whether for storage or transportation, by simply understanding the above points, the proper use of snake-shaped tubes can be ensured. Have you learned how to properly store snake-shaped tubes?